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Unique food and wine experiences around the world
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    San Joaquin Gold is an original cow’s milk cheese that is produced in California’s San Joaquin Valley by Fiscalini Farms.  This cheese is mildly sweet and mellow, with hints of toasted nuts and browned butter. It is made from Fiscalini’s herd of 1400 Holstein cows.  It has won a number of awards in both Europe [...]

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    Humboldt Fog is a goat’s milk cheese made by Cypress Grove in Humboldt County, California.  It has a central layer and outer covering of ash.  It ripens with a soft, white interior.  When cut, it is said to be reminiscent of the early morning fog.  This award-winning cheese is exquisite – expensive but well worth [...]

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    San Andreas is an award-winning sheep’s milk cheese produced in Sonoma County, California, by Bellwether Farms.  Bellwether Farms was founded in 1986 by Cindy Callahan, a former nurse.  This is still a family-run operation today and produces not only sheep’s milk cheeses but also cow’s milk cheeses (Carmody) and other gourmet dairy items, such as [...]

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  • 04/02/07--19:54: Original Blue by Pt. Reyes
  • The Giacomini family of Pt. Reyes, California, make their Original Blue from the milk of the cows that graze on their own farm.   The Original Blue is aged for a minimum of six months.  The result is a cheese that is creamy and full-flavored with just the right amount of saltiness.  Try it with a [...]

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    Red Hawk is a cow’s milk cheese from Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes, California.  It is a triple-cream, washed-rind, fully-flavored cheese made from organic cow’s milk from the Straus Family dairy.  It is aged six weeks and washed with a brine solution that tints the rind a red-orange color.  Red Hawk won Best-in-Show at the [...]

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  • 04/02/07--19:55: Piave Vecchio
  • Piave Vecchio is a cow’s milk cheese from Veneto, Italy.  This is probably my favorite cheese for its flavor and versatility.   It was created in 1960 by expert dairy master-producers at Lattebusche.  Piave is the name of the cheese, and Vecchio means “aged”.  For the richest flavor, be sure to buy the aged cheese.  The [...]

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  • 04/02/07--19:55: Cone de Port Aubry
  • This goat’s milk cheese is from Herve Mons, one of France’s most talented cheese affineurs.  The cheese has a unique cone shape.  The first mold Mons used was said to be his wife’s brassiere, spotted while hanging on the clothesline.  (The cheese is now made in a proper mold.) The flavor of the cheese is [...]

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  • 04/02/07--19:56: Morbier
  • Morbier is a mild cow’s milk cheese from France (made from raw milk).  The first wheels of Morbier ever produced were made from curds leftover from the production of Comte cheese.  The cheesemaker would press the leftover curd from the evening production of Comte into a mold and cover it with a thin layer of [...]

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  • 04/02/07--19:56: Roaring 40’s Blue Cheese
  • This is one of my favorite blue cheeses.  I truly love its salty flavor.  Roaring 40’s is made from cow’s milk by King Island Dairy in Tasmania.  It is a full-flavored blue cheese with a sweet, salty, nutty character.  The cheese is matured in black wax to retain its moisture and create a smooth and [...]

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  • 04/02/07--19:57: Windsor Blue
  • This award-winning blue is a cow’s milk cheese from the limestone country of New Zealand.  It is named after the township of Windsor, in North Otago’s downlands.  This creamy blue has a fantastic rich and full-bodied flavor.  It has won 9 trophies and 9 gold medals!  Pair it with a nice late harvest Semillon or [...]